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City-Attractions & Landmarks
        Top  attractions and activities in Alexandroupolis

  • Alexandroupoli's Lighthouse : a trademark, the naval symbol of the city, manufactured by the French Society for Light and Lighting of the Mediterranean. It was inaugurated on June 1, 1880 and has been operating without interruption since then. It has a height of 18 meters and to get to the lamp cabin, at its top, it is necessary to climb the 98 steps
  • Dadia Forest : Amazing green landscape with pure elements . Visitors enjoy to walk through inhale oxygen and feel healthier as they come closer to nature.
  • National Museum of Thrace : an import collection of jewelry utensils clay creations and church objects referring to byzantine period or ever later ages describing the local way of life of this important town.
  • Informat?on center of Evros Delta : The most important place of Thrace provides an amazing ride with a boat in the river. Rare and protected species appear, as visitors claim they see exotic birds like pelicans cormorants and flamingos ,even out of season during autumn and spring. Stuff is highly trained and educated to provide all the info about life and nature of the river.



Monuments and History

Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, as well as French and Russians left their mark on the architecture of the outskirts of Alexandroupolis, which since its establishment until today is a crossroads and a meeting place for peoples and cultures. The architectural ornaments of the city, buildings that left their mark, not only in its image but also in its many-time history, are today attractions that the visitor enjoys with a walk in the streets.

Zariphius School : Located in the National Independence Park in Alexandroupolis. It was built in 1923 and immediately operated as a Teaching School, and later became the Thrace Pedagogical Academy. Named after the Alexandroupolis benefactor and politician Georgios Zarifis, who continued to benefit from it with logistical infrastructure and funds. Until 1968 when the academies were abolished in the Greek state. It is a historic listed monument of the Greek state in 1979.

Leondaridius School: Built in 1907 and was completed in 1909 in the space provided by Turkish Bey Hatzisafet in the Greek Community. It was built with a donation of the born in 1865 to Maroneia benefactor Antonis Leontaridis or Antonakis Efendis,. Initially brought to the front the Italian statues that depicted the nine muses. Nowadays these statues are at the entrance to the building that now functions as Ecclesiastical Museum.

Port Storages : Built in 1870 and were built by the Eastern Railway Company, when the port of Alexandroupolis was built and the new city was built around it. The railroad traded commercially in the small port of the Ottoman Empire until then, and the Warehouses of the Port had resolved the freight transport, which then took place on the train..

Mill Masouras : Built from 1930 to 1933 in Alexandroupolis. The owner was Georgios Masoura, who came from the Peloponnese and was involved in the flour industry. A large "stone mill" was the driving force of the Mill at the time of its construction. In 1940, with the outbreak of the Second World War, Masos Mason was commanded by the Greek Army and in 1941 the occupation forces ceased operating.

Russian Monument : Dedicated to liberation of Bulgaria 1877-78

Domna Visvisi Statue : Located to the central avenue near the sea. She was the daughter of a wealthy family from Ainos where he was born in 1784 and in 1808 married Antonis Vissizis, a wealthy master and boater. Feb. 21, and Thracian Chatzantonis Vissizis. She became a captain to dedicate her life to fight alongside navy and resisted against conquers.

Other  activities in Alexandroupolis


Outdoor activities always available at beaches such as  :

Agia Paraskeui : Close to city well organized by local authorities. Well known for clean sand . Safe for families.

Red Rocks : Interesting landscape with impressive prehistoric rocks. Not overcrowded can easily reach with car.

Beach EOT: Certified for clean waters. The closest to the city. A well organized beach.

Beaches of Chili : Deep water, small rocks ,crowded at summer, 3 beach bars serving drings all close to residential areas . A place for families.